Friday, February 15, 2013

Baby Quilts - Everybody say AWWWW

Have you noticed how many babies are being born right now? So many pregnant women, so many prams. I love it - babies are so adorable!
I am going to two baby showers in as many weeks, and so I took the opportunity to whip up a couple of little quilts.
Lovely Japanese printed linens and cottons
Penguins, cars, robots and polka dots - I love the bright blues and greys and browns together. This is really quite different from my usual colour choices, which run to bright and rich, but I really like trying something new.
Gorgeous grubby pinks and apple greens for a girl. Little piggies, mice, Alice, and of course, polka dots! Again, not my thing but so pretty and I think it will be just right.
Both of them were pieced really fast - I just sewed the cuts together, cut them into strips the other way, mixed up a couple of them and sewed them up. It took about an hour. No boards or rulers either, just scissors and my eye. It was strange doing it that way but I wanted a wonky look and so I worked fast and loose!
Both are backed by a lovely cotton shirting I bought on sale - it is so soft and satiny to touch, perfect for babies who just love a bit o' satiny fabric.
For the boy quilt, I quilted it with a simple meandering "stipple."
For the girl quilt, I did a clematis inspired flower and leaf vine pattern.
I really love free-hand machine quilting. It is quite cathartic, requires no measuring or marking, and it is pretty fast. Reading between the lines as you possibly are, it is good for LAZY people like me! hehehe.
But really, folks, straight lines are the bust. Stitching in the ditch looks naff if it's not bang on accurate, I get confused doing shadow quilting (following the lines about 1/4 inch out) with what to do at the ends of the straight lines, you have to keep swivelling the quilt around - it's a mug's game. (which means, I am no good at it so I am envious of people who are, so I am dissing it. Charming eh)
So, is there a baby boom where you live too? Such a great excuse to make adorable presents out of pretty, cosy things! :)


  1. Oh my gosh yes, so many babies! Crazy, crazy!!

    I love these little quilts. :-) (And really need to get my act together with baby gifts - two more are due in the next month, and I haven't made anything for either of them yet! Argh!!)

    1. Your toys are SO adorable!!!! Make me want to get knocked up so you can make my baby one...heheheh

  2. How adorable, am sure those quilts will be very much appreciated. It can get a bit mad making baby gifts - when people know you 'make stuff' a handmade gift is expected. At least baby things are generally small and quick :)

    1. It gets a bit pressury when there are so many baby showers clumped together, just like when it happens with weddings (ah 1992, when 4 friends got married between Feb 2 and Feb 14!) I don't feel an expectation put upon me, it is entirely self imposed. But I do LOVE to make things and like you say, most are generally small and quick, so lots of completion satisfaction :)

  3. You "whipped up" these quilts??? Surely not. I see many many hours of dedicated sewing. Quilts scare the bejesus out of me. Great job. The recipients are very lucky indeed.

    1. Truly, Beajay, a quilt like this and this size is 2-3 hours work, not including hand sewing on the binding which is another 3, but that is TV time :) Obviously I've got some experience behind me that helps speed it all up, but with a little practice and knowing what to do, it is possible to get them done pretty fast. Otherwise noone would be getting a baby quilt! hehehe

  4. I can't wait to try my hand at quilting, but first I have my current jacket project to work through a bit (blinders on and ready to go). Maybe in a month or so I'll take a break, assuming I'm still working on my jacket, and do something more fun and loose.

    My "lazy day" or "lying in bed keeping my hands busy" choice is always Hardanger embroidery. It's a Norwegian embroidery that used blocks of 4-5 stitched that are 4-5 lines wide in alternating, perpendicular "step" patterns as the base with decorating and needle weaving blocks and stitches to fill in. My grandmother used to do this all the time and pounded out at least 4-5 doilies and 1-2 table runners a year just slowly chipping away at it. It's a bit more delicate as you have to count your stitches and rows, but I agree that sewing by hand is quite therapeutic in any form.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Matthew! I have never tried hardanger but we sell all the supplies for it. It's not that popular right now but then traditional needlework is generally on the downturn in favour of knitting and quilting. But there are still stalwarts out there who keep at it :) Nice to know you're keeping it up!

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  6. Very cute, I love the blue penguins in particular!