Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Spam....a lot!

Oh my I am being spammified big time. It's doing wonders for my stats, but I'd rather have quality, thank you.
Amazingly however, not a single spam comment has made it past the spam filter of Blogger. Yes, I get email notifications that these comments are on x or y post, but they aren't. It is a wonderful service.
And so, no horrible Captcha for this blog. And I strongly urge anyone who has Captcha enabled to please turn it off? It is a horrible thing to use if your eyesight is not fab like mine, and/or you are using a netbook like me so the blurry writing is tiny!
I can promise you that trusty ol' Blogger won't let the hockers of sunglasses and whatever post comments on your lovely blog :)


  1. Yes - I hate captcha too - problem is a lot of people don't know they have it on. Recently it started to get better - clear numbers instead of fuzzy non-words that I had to stand on my head and squint sideways to decipher - but alas - back to its rubbish

    1. So true! As we never enter our own blogs like other users do, and it is a default setting. It is so annoying!

  2. Late comment, but: Unfortunately, I think I did have some spam comments that made it through (the kind that pretends to be a comment related to the content, but actually has a link in the "username"), even though I'm pretty sure I do use the Captcha. (Most of the time, I know right away, though, because they're usually prefabricated comments for fashion-related blogs, and my blog and fashion-sense are so eclectic that they usually miss the mark gloriously. Like a comment about a "dress" on my Regency stays post - that was a dead giveaway. :D)
    And even two hateful comments once, one of which may have been shorter than the Captcha that had to be filled in... so the Captcha stays, or it would be worse. :P