Saturday, July 5, 2014

Were you Born Before '74??

I was, quite a bit before! And I am getting to the age where the changes in the world are really, really noticeable over my lifetime.
At times I harken back to when life was simpler. When phones were wired into a wall, and there were only two TV channels. If you wanted to see a movie you had to go to the cinema, or hope it would get played on TV, which only happened when it was 150 years old anyway!
And so a show was born. A short, sweet late night cabaret.
Michael Nicholas Williams and Emma Kinane (remember Lonely Heart?) are joining Constance, MrC, Moxie Fizz (known to you as acharmofmagpies) and local fabulous dance collective Crows Feet to hang a bunch of songs, comedy and dance together about life before '74, and what it is like to be over 40 in 2014.
The idea came to me when I was going through the coloured fondant icing in the shop and taking out the Best Before stuff before it was 'dated'. I thought how there was nothing wrong with any of it and then I got to thinking about Best Before '74, but like so many of my pun based ideas, it could be taken very differently - like we old people are ready for the bin!
So, if you happen to be a Wellingtonian or in town on 18 or 19 July, and 10pm is not too late for you to come out and play, we're at the Gryphon on Ghuznee St. It's only $15. And the best thing is, if you're going to see Grease at the Opera House on either night, you will have time to scoot down Leeds St, grab a drink at our bar and see the show. How I know this is that we have Michael, who is Musical Director of Grease, so we can't start until he gets there! :)
I am currently blinging up a tiger print lurex duster coat, first worn out on Friday night. Constance and MrC walked the entire length of Cuba St, to much hooting and whistling and compliments.I love how positive Wellington is about dressing up - noone scowling or being disapproving - even a group of teenage boys stopped to comment that "You guys look really cool!"
Obviously brought up properly!
Tickets are available from iticket. Hope to see you there!


  1. Hahaha!!! If only I was down your way, I qualify!!! Would love to be entertained by humour for mid lifers. And charm of magpies joins you too? Super cool!! Break a leg x

    1. Well it Is a family affair, and Moxie is Constance's daughter :) Who knows SB, one day Constance may turn up at the Bath Comedy Festival and entertain YOU ;-)

    2. Connie can't go without me, the troublesome woman!