Saturday, August 2, 2014

Middle Ground

Sometimes these days, I find myself talking about Constance in the third person, because it makes more sense. She is me but I am not her, you see. Sometimes she talks about me in the third person on stage and is not always very polite about her overworked dressmaker! HRMPH!
And yet, we are rubbing off on one another. I pretty much wear a big bumpit in my hair every day now, because I LIKE big hair! And sometimes when I go out, I want to have her glamour but stop short at the crazy eyelashes.
Tonight was such a night. Acharmofmagpies and I had our regular date night (because if we don't make it a Thing, life gets in the way and we miss each other after five years of working together every day!) by going out to dinner and then to see Caburlesque, Steampunk vs Rockabilly.
Joy went Rockabilly in the gorgeous pink leopard dress in the link above. Wow. So, I went purple/pink Steampunk.
MrC took this pic of me before I headed out. I put a grungy frame on it in Pixlr and it went all cross processed. Cool eh!
The flower necklace is the work of the Embroidenator. Isn't she amazing? I have worn it every day this week. It looks great with a merino top too.
The goggles I made last night. Had I not been in such a hurry and a bit annoyed as I spilled a glass of red wine over everything, I would have taken progress shots.
They started off as a christmas cracker inner tube, a 40mm gold grommet set, some scraps of gold fabric, buttons and trim, elastic and a fob watch from Camden Market that never worked. I busted open the watch and split it between both lenses- face and cover on one side, dome and back on the other. They are quite cute and blingy but most importantly, they are very lightweight, and don't make my hat topple like my Glastonbury metal ones do :) They are also entirely held together with E6000, the wonder glue.
A little less makeup, smaller eyelashes and not overextending my lips, and I look like both of us.
So yes, integration is possible. Plus, I THINK I was mostly in charge!


  1. Although I can't think of what you mean by "grommets" (to me they go in childrens ears), you look fab! As always I'm impressed by what you can make from basically nothing

    1. Hehehe,same thing really - two rings that clip together into an eyelet. I guess that's what grommets do in kids' ears - keep their ear ways open? Interesting!

  2. You're absolutely stunning and I had a fab night. Bring on the next date night! Xxx

    1. Oh yes, and may every meal be as delicious as Muse was :)

  3. You look fabulous in this photo.. So pretty... Have a great day..