Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Makes - on Saturday

I know, I can get away with it as it is Saturday for many of you, but I am too honest ;-)
Anyway, on Thursday and Friday this week, with the delicious MrC in the shop to help out, I finally indulged myself in making a lampshade.
 Here she is! Our Lady of Guadaloupe
In stereo!
I discovered this panel fabric recently via a customer, and it is very different to the one I already have, in which the colours are more jewel-like. Out of the four panels in a row, I chose these two to begin.
The beaded fringing is from The Fabric Warehouse; an ombre green with a more sparse but longer gold one under it. The trim around the top and bottom is a green Cluny lace by Riley Blake, with a red pearl trim over the top.
Yup, Over The Top! that about sums it up! :) Am I bothered? NO!!!
Opinions so far are polarised about my Mary Lamps - The Embroidenator, who is usually first in line for a more is more experience, hates them. She pulls all kinds of hilarious faces and makes wry comments about what they could be used for. Likewise several of my friends also don't like them. However, the fan base is enthusiastic in the extreme.
One friend has suggested I set up a site called It's an idea...
Right, off to tackle another one. I have plans for this one that mean letting go of it, and that means I need a few on and to help the grieving process...
Thoughts? Yay or Nay to exuberant Mexican iconography as homewares?


  1. I think it a really creative way of using the fabric. Very striking!
    In the right setting I think it could really add something special to a room.

    1. Oh you are so sweet. I think of it as a pop of colour and fun. :)

  2. I made a jacket with that motif on the back and I get compliments all the time...your lamp inspires and lights the way to spirituality...what could be better?

    1. Well exactly. I love the idea of a jacket with it on the bac too!