Saturday, November 29, 2014

Frolic Lounge - Popping my EMCEE Cherry

Constance and I have been busy lately - it seems incredible that she is a mere 10 months old, although she was a glimmer in my eye for a while before that.
This week we did TWO shows over three nights. So why I am writing this at 6.20am on a Sunday morning (having been awake since before 5am) is a mystery. Why I am yawning my head off while doing so probably isn't.
The Friday and Saturday show was Frolic Lounge - the last graduate show of Miss la Belle's House of Burlesque. Constance and I are also graduates, which is why the divine Sadie von Scrumptious graciously handed over the microphone - she has been Emcee for most if not all of the previous seven shows.
While CC and I have performed a few times this year, this is our first Emcee gig. And Oh My Goddily God, it is tough work! Me with a brain like a thing with holes in it, trying to remember who is next, what I am going to say about them, who to thank...
Anyway as I sit here writing these things, knowing I have NO PHOTOS YET therefore breaking the rules again, I am reflecting on the whole performing thing.
After our first gig at Caburlesque's Madonna tribute show, I was so wired I dragged MrC down to the beach for a swim. At midnight. In my full makeup still. Last night, I departed fairly quickly, had a wine, took off the slap, and went to bed.
There's always a sense of satisfaction at a job done. Sometimes it is a quiet sense, sometimes a big loud, shouty RARA sense. I guess I was expecting the latter.
Will I do it again? OH YES. :)
OK, one candid shot from lovely classmate Amber de Luze's  mobile phone then. Me with Flic the Stage Momager.
One of three costume changes.
When the official photos come through I will a proper piccy type post. But for now I wanted to catch the moment.
And now, I am off to stuff rice up a turkey. As you were.