Saturday, June 6, 2015

Full Circle, almost.

Well, we got interesting news last week. Our landlords from our little shop in the CBD came in to ask us if we would be interested in getting out of our lease early. Hmm. Business has not been fabulous and while we're not losing money, we're not really making any either, but with only a couple weeks to act, this was very left field.
Why? Well, The Golden Mile, as Lambton Quay is known, is the street in Wellington where all the High St shops are - the overseas ones that sell fast fashion and high turnover stuff that if you are reading this blog probably leave you about as unmoved as they do me. And they need somewhere to go, right?
So, over the past year as the small, independent businesses in our area of the mall's leases came up, no one was renewing, until less than half of us were left. We knew something was up, and when rumours of Top Shop coming to the Golden Mile started appearing in the papers, we weren't all that surprised. Not that anyone has confirmed this to us, but it is pretty obvious anyway.
This post is not about the despicability of those involved in flicking us out, or why, however. It is a mixed blessing as business had been slow down that end of town. Lack of signage meant we were the best kept secret on the Quay. Bringing the whole business back into the one big shop means more staff there (because I am not about to let anyone go!)  more stock, and more TIME.
More time to grow our online sales, tutorial support and social media presence. More time to develop product. More time to do those things I was moaning about in my last post I only had about 4 hours a week to do. Having that extra person working in the shop several days a week while I am not trying to order and manage for two shops is like having four hours a day instead. I am in Heaven!
So all in all, it has been a horrible week, but now the decisions have been made and paperwork signed, I am well happy to be out of it.The one very large regret is letting down all of our wonderful regular customers who supported us. Knowing it is not US who has let them down but circumstances beyond out control is no consolation to them I am sure.
Once we are moved out, which happens on Thursday, we'll have the excitement/chaos of massaging all the extra bits of furniture and shop fittings into our already fairly full space. Mel, our manager from Lambton Quay, is the most amazingly organised person I've ever met, and I know she is itching to get into it - Melping as we call it! I am so excited to have her back in Marion St as I know I can just let her get on with it :)

Yes indeed, every cloud has a silver lining and I am looking forward to a much expanded empire involving more internet and less bricks, mortar, landlord problems, leaky ceilings, signage drama etc etc.


  1. Sad to see one of your shops go. As you say it will give you more time to focus. I love the "Melping".

    1. Yup, and Melping is hilarious. Mel isn't remotely intimidated by me and will even throw things out of my office if she thinks I am hoarding. This has been known to amaze earlier staff members who never really got the measure of me, and is a tremendous sense of relief that I have such great staff I can trust!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Judy - but it is a blessing in reality, even though it was delivered in an unblessinglike way. xo

  3. Ahh, that explains why you disappeared so suddenly from Lambton Quay. It was a bit of a surprise rocking up to your shop, only to find it closed. Such a shame, it was really convenient to pop in during my lunch break to pick up thread, dye, chalk or just dream about future projects using all the pretty things.
    Did guess at the reason...
    Never mind, Marion Street is only a bus ride away if it's rainin' cats and dogs or I'm just too pooped to leg it.

    1. Yes it made me SO mad to let people down like this! :( We ARE open until 6 during the week and we are open Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 11-4 too so we hope that if you can't make it during the week, you can at least scriggle in at the weekend :)