Friday, September 4, 2015

In life as in Shakespeare

Shakespeare's plays often feature someone running onto the stage and telling everyone about the exciting thing happening where they just came from. Some of my posts are a bit like that!

So in the past three weeks, this happened:

 Sauron strikes again! Nerdlesque, at The Fringe Bar 22 August 2015
 The "Eye" just needed new batteries after being in storage since December last year. 

And then on the 29th, this happened:
Yes that is Constance and Me staring adoringly at the FABULOUS Pollyfilla. In her Helen Reddy Tribute costume. Polly was over from Melbourne and OMG, he (Colin) did his makeup at my house and showed me all the secrets!!!!! It takes three hours. One of the most generous and warm people I've met, both in and out of drag. The gorgeous young blonde with us is Martin, who is also lovely. But at 20 something, he had no idea who this Helen Reddy person is. He was given homework ;-)
People we walked out my front door at 11.15pm and I got home around 3am. This is how drag shows operate. I was quite proud of my tenacity actually. Not so proud of my makeup job. But then, it wasn't about me :)
On the 23rd, I had another photo shoot and I love the photos but I wish I had had Polly's makeup tutorial beforehand because I think the makeup is a little flat. Ah well!

We had fun and it's nice to have some promo shots with updated costumes!


  1. What gorgeous photos! I love the peacock outfit - looks so awesome! And such a fun meet too. Looks like you had a great time!

    1. I love the peacock too. Never felt it was fair the male gets all the pretty foliage ;-)

  2. you look very pretty.. What a fun and exciting life, you have..

  3. Adore! Adore! Adore! (I'm the closet exhibitionist on the back row dreaming of peacock feathers!)