Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Suddenly Frida!

Suddenly, after three months of planning and practising and making frocky things, Frida was standing before us. We had a lovely drive up to Palmerston North (about two hours) and after sorting out the usual logistics, 11 drag queens settled in the green room to apply makeup. LOTS of makeup.

Me looking fierce! I was going for a slightly painterly look. I think it worked! Please note that the auto filter in my phone is still working, called "make me look like my mother" But that headpiece is my pride and joy!
The opening number. Maybe you can make out the monobrow that I drew on in front of the audience as I discovered my inner Frida!

 Skipping about a bit, this is the final number called Frida's Dream. From left to right, LaQuisha St Redfern, Harlie Lux, Anna Diction, Stephii Onassiss, Indy Pendant, Tess Tosterone and Claire Voyant.
 I changed into this half way through the second half. This number was La Vie en Rose, interspersed with quotes from Frida Kahlo about the nature of love.
 The gang! We performed in the foyer of Te Manawa Museum, in front of this beautiful window. It really was something. 

 This is Douglas Sievers Jarrett, pole dancer extraordinaire and the loveliest guy - he is a local and looked after us so well.
Stephii as one of the two Fridas from the painting. Stephii is a graduate of our NZ Drama School's Costume Design course, and makes amazing costumes. She won Mx Capital Drag 2016 and deservedly so - a real powerhouse on stage!

So after a terrible night's sleep because of high heel induced leg cramps and coughing fits (the hotel was gorgeous such a pity!) LaQuisha and I went out for breakfast and eventually a group of rather tired and subdued but happy young men joined us. It was quite a trick sitting outside a cafe in Palmy with young men applying makeup, not something the locals are used to. They all caught the bus home while we drove back.
It was an epic show and a magic weekend, but it left me with another bout of horrible cold. I am now on antibiotics and already feeling a little more human. Today I even went into work and organised three new gigs, as well as the usual workaday things I do. Nothing flash though.
So, on the 23rd I have my next gig, I am sure I will be fine by then. I've even nearly completed my costume, and practised the routine!!


  1. Frida Khalo? If so, you need to thicken up and join the eyebrows in the middle, then it will be perfect.

  2. Hahaha, looks like so much fun - but I can also see all the passionate work that went into this show's creation. Your makeup was divine and that peacock dress for the second half? Wow! - not to mention your flower headdress. Even now Frida spews positive energy.

    I hope you're feeling great again soon - the show must go on!

    1. That headdress Mel, I want to wear it every day! It has sparklies and butterflies in it!

  3. You are tooooo cute.. And do a wonderful job on your costumes..

    1. Aw thanks Judy. Sadly my favourite didn't get a pic. But it will one day I am sure!

  4. Wow, you look really fabulous. I am in love with that headpiece. Xx

  5. Wow that headdress is fierce, you should definitely wear that one out! You look amazing and it sounds like you had a great time. Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog about my beloved Jasper and thank you for all your continued support and comments, I really do appreciate it. The comment you left on my Marilyn piece was so lovely, it made more then my day! XxxX