Monday, August 1, 2016


So many art experts quipped that I didn't have a monobrow in the Frida show.
Well, I didn't when I walked on the stage, but I did within two minutes!
As part of my opening act, I drew it on. 
You know until I saw this image I never realised they had a follow spot! that's nuts, given how much time I've spent pointing one at other people!
Anyway, we are doing the show again, more or less, on 19 November in Wellington, and in the mean time I still have a lot of monobrow in me.
Friday night was the July instalment of Queen vs Queen (which I did last month) and I wanted to dress up, but be comfortable and warm. It is so freaking cold here right now.
So, I got out the one Frida costume that noone photographed, and is my favourite. It's another mumu garment to my ankles, out of this crazy fabric with faces all over it;
The faces didn't have monobrows but I spent a half hour with a black vivid marker and fixed that! Looking at these guys, I decided to make up as one of them.
Strong contouring, red outlines on black and black on red, an eyelash moustache, lots of red roses and green leaves on my head and off we went!
I wore a tank top and trousers under it, and flat shoes, and even my big brown cosy Pavlova cardi. Noone is the wiser. I love mumus!
My last offering is a selfie of my darling adopted son Jack and me. He was very impressed with my look. As I was with his. Although we do joke that he definitely got those cheekbones from his Papa!
It was a very busy, very cramped night in the Ivy Bar, lots of fun and I was in bed by 12.30am which was quite late enough for a work night thankyouverymuch.


  1. That dress is beautiful..You look so pretty.. Have fun.

    1. So simple! I feel like Mrs Roper from Three's Company, swanning around in diaphanous muumuus ;-)

  2. Nice eyebrows, and 'tache! They definitely make the look! I also love that you drew eyebrows on to the fabric. Genius!

    1. It was Polyfilla's idea, he pulled the bolt of fabric out of the bargain bin, only $8m. When I was back there a few weeks later, it was down to $5m. SO tempting but I honestly don't know what I would do withe more of it ;-)