Friday, September 22, 2017

Actual fabric and sewing! Well, eventually!

Well today for the first time in ages, I went fabric shopping for ME. this means, no sequins, no metallic. Oh my word, what a surreal experience!
The Fabric Store, aka GlobalThatWas (GTW) (because really, it's a difficult name otherwise) was my destination. Because, they advertised 18 Liberty prints for $18m.
Now I don't know if you're studying my tasted in fabric that much, because, well, stalking, but I love the Liberty prints that are hard core pre-WW2 in their vibe. I love most of the actual fabrics - tana lawn, baby cord, Lantana etc. So, I get excited to the point of needing a slap over about 5% of the offering, and that's fine with me. Nobody wants to all like the same things, amiright?
This wee moment of absolute indulgence yielded three purchases:

1. Silk chiffon in the warm colourway of Alma. This is my all time favourite Liberty print - I have an entire dress in the Tana Lawn version. So I bought a half metre to make a floaty scarf to tie back me hair. This intense matchy matchy thing really appeals to me! I bought a length of the Lantana wool/cotton blend in the softeer colourway of this print a while ago that it will also look delish with.

2. 2.5m of baby cord in this amazing Bloomsbury vibe print in a range of colours that just scream, "Wear me with Denim!" It's a perfect weight for the spring weather, or the autumn weather because it may take me that long to make it Erk.

3. This Tana Lawn called Karm A, was what I went in to look at. It's quite green, and I love green more than it loves me, but I had to have it. Because Paisley!!!
My photo was so meh, here's the photo from their website. OH MY GOSH!
I bought 5m because I had a plan to also make something for Jack, who considers paisley to be his favourite colour. But after today, I am not so sure; this is why:
I texted in fun to say I was leaving the office*, going to GTW, and if I wasn't at the shop in 30 minutes, to stage an intervention (he was working at the shop) Well, it took a bit of time to get there and honestly I hadn't been there very long when their phone rang. The lass who answered it seemed a bit confused, but I realised soon the call was about me. I saw her writing something on a piece of paper, clearly under instruction, and handed it to me. One word, INTERVENTION! cheeky monkey.
His paisley privileges have been temporarily withdrawn. No doubt I will relent though. If only for the embarrassment factor of being dressed alike!. ;-)

*People I have a day job now. I am dipping my toe back into corporate life again. Only part time for now, and it's working very well - the shop doesn't need me full time thanks to awesome staff, and it's good to have Options.


  1. Congratulations on a) your gorgeous fabrics (the important bit) and b) your new job. :) Absolutely stunning Liberty loveliness. I can't wit to see what you make with them. Xx

    1. Thanks MoR! Neither can I hehe. It's been so very long since I made myself a new thing just for the joy of it!

  2. Okay, good on you, indulging yourself like that. Though I do think the Mr. deserves to have paisley privileges revoked for taking your intervention comment seriously. He should know better. (Though props to him for doing it so cleverly and in a way that you can't shout at him during. :D)

    I like all of your prints! Though personally I LOVE the second print - good thing you're so far away because it might've gone missing otherwise. Not that I would know anything about it, of course!

    And good on you, dipping your toe like that! I have long-term goals to do something similar maybe. Maybe. I hope it goes well for you!

    (Love that last pic!)

    1. Eep, jack is not the Mr, he's the adopted son. Just in case anyone thinks I've gone cougar in my old age! LOL! He does resemble the Mr in that he also runs to the racing bean physique and impressive cheekbones, mind you :) That middle print,, I have an overwhelming feeling that I also bought the sweatshirt version of it, so delish is it. And I am not generally one for blues. But it just works, you know? Heather I am glad to read your last paragraph - we worked hard in our professional fields and to just walk away forever is maybe not the only way.

    2. Oh oops haha, sorry about that. :D I am horrible with names and obviously should research the characters in your life more!


      I know I have a few potential ideas of what to do once I reach my 3 years "deadline" (at which time my reasonably business loan will be paid off). I made myself defer any business decisions to that date after the breakup, as he was the reason I'm living where I am, and I wasn't sure if I should or could stay here at the time. Currently, my options for that date is to Keep Calm and Carry On, Cut and Run, or Fricken Hire People and Find Part Time Work and Be Someone Else's Minion (that last title needs work). It's nice, because it gives me a date to work toward without any pressure put on a decision at this time.

      That was a lot of babble. I'd love to hear back on how dipping your toes goes, and what challenges and adventures crop up!

    3. Haha, looking at that pic of us together, I know he's 24 but if you don't know mebbe he could be older? Anyway he would think it hilarious, it's his general go to reaction. And he addresses me as Mother.
      AS for business, I did exactly the same thing! My titles weren't any better either! lol. But with five years as the tentative figure. And that is up. And we have another year on our lease so who knows really? :)