Saturday, September 25, 2021

New Hair

 I had a hair cut yesterday. Years of long hair all the same length ended abruptly. I've been watching YouTube a lot and love love love those vintage mid century hairstyles based on the Horseshoe cut. Here is my icon of style herself, Jessica Kellgren-Fozard.

I don't know about you but Jessica kellgren-fozard is my gay queen:  ladyladyboners
The Horseshoe cut in action!

 Anyway, I discussed it with my hairdresser who knows it well as he styles a lot of drag wigs like this! and it looks pretty ok as a modern straight layered look too. So we set forth.

The result I am loving. Marty put a few curls into it for me too.

I will be applying pink soon. I don't mind the grey but given I am so pale, the lack of definition of my hairline isn't working for me. 

As for curls, hrmph. I used heated rollers last night and the pin curled the whole lot and wrapped in a sil scarf and slept on it. the results were less curly than this and by this evening have nearly dropped out.

Dang old age. My hair through my whole life to me mid 40s took a curl if I so much as waved a curler near to it. But for the last 10 years it sulks and refuses to have a bar of it. Unless I put it in rags and Shirley Temple isn't my style icon! ;-)


  1. Dear Mrs. C.,
    What a pretty haircut! Now you can wave the front and do all kinds of elegant things.
    My hair is all one length too, but it's curly-frizz. If the front is layered it boufs oddly in the same places near the temples...has since childhood...and looks goofy. No amount of hair goo will hold it. Will gladly give it to you :)
    Hooray for a great haircut,
    Natalie across the pond where fall is setting in

    1. I have never noticed the Natalie side bouf in any photo so you must have it well under control! <3