Saturday, June 11, 2022

Domesticity rocks

 Oh what a lovely Sunday I am having! Absolutely no plans except getting my house in order, quite literally.

After a sleep in, I;

  • gathered all the costumes discarded from three shows in a week, 
  • put all the makeup away,
  • washed my makeup brushes,
  • read a delicious lamb shank recipe and it is now simmering away,
  • completed laundry, 

all while Mrs Bradley Mysteries plays on the DVD. 

We've had a hail storm of deafening proportions today, while my beloved was out buying strip lighting for my makeup mirror.

 This is why. I look like I stuck my face in a bowl of cornflour! The light is so bad at my table, I find it hard to get my skin tone right. Clever MrC!

On Friday night I did a show requiring no clothing at all. Avoiding using certain words here. I sang two songs and did a second set of comedy. It was one of those bucket list things I wanted to get ticked off.

People have asked me how it was and my response is, like any other show only, breezier!