Thursday, September 3, 2009

Making things last longer.

I've been busy this evening and last evening making little trousers last another season for a sprouting 4 year old. She is at that age where she's all "up" and no "out", and flashing her ankles like a Bay City Roller, which is not de rigeur this season. So I've been having fun coming up with creative ways to get another few inches out of some of her jeans. Here's the results:

Pictured with the fabrics I used. Pink cords got a cuff of stretch bengaline that I cut to follow the line of the flare - straight strips won't work on flares of course. Unless they are gathered into frills like the ones on the two pairs of jeans. The butterfly print is from my stash as is its sparkly trim. The black embroidered velvet on the black ones is cut out of an old skirt I was going to boot. Sooooo pretty!
Today I complained in the office that it wasn't fair, I wanted to wear embroidered trousers too. It was pointed out to me that I WAS wearing embroidered trousers, very pretty ones actually. But they aren't quite so cute as these ones :)

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