Thursday, September 3, 2009

My new Kitchen Love

Remember me saying that the cake mixer stopped working mid cupcake preparation? Weell, I decided that at 44 and being an avid baker, I deserved a Kenwood Chef. Deserve is such a useful word don't you find?

And here it is. The old Sunbeam is being mended and will probably end up on Trademe. It is only 350W but this new one is 900W. MORE POWER!!! Given that I could cream 1kg of butter with 1kg of sugar in the old one, this baby should be able to mix concrete. Not that I ever mix concrete in My kitchen.

I do love it. I remember the thrill when I bought the Sunbeam Retro, which reminded me of the one I learnt to bake with. It took one pavlova to remind me why my mother and i hated that Sunbeam mixer - the unlockable turntable. I put all the ingredients into it, cranked it up to high and walked away from it. When I turned back, I could only watch in horror as the white goopy mess spun up and out of the bowl in a perfect round centrifugal arc that scribed itself up the walls and across the floor. And over me as I rushed in to turn it off. After laughing myself silly, I had to spend quite some time cleaning it off. You know what sugar is like.

ANYWAY, this new honey has a cover, a locked base and the beater does the moving. I haven't used it yet but watch this space, move over Delia, Julia, Gordon and Jamie, MrsC has entered the building!

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