Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My baby is home again...

...umm, OK my baby is my sewing machine. I LOVE her. She is 19 and has worked so hard all of her life for me. Last year she blew her fufu valve which was quite expensive and a couple of months ago she started "missing" and the diagnosis was a worn out motor. Panic as a new one was $700+.
However after several weeks of nail biting anxiety and putting up with Mum's 1030, a contemporary of my lovely 1120 but missing several important features, I have her back and there was no charge! turns out the brushes were not worn out but clogged up, and a clean up was all it took.
That plus coming home to a cheque for $50 I won in an online competition I forgot I had entered, it was a nice homecoming indeed!

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