Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day four, something to report!

Days two and three were really quite dull, involving running wires through walls and plumbing, stuff that matters but you can't see. Like interfacing and sewing in stays! :)But today, the kitchen cupboards arrived and things have taken a leap forward. Note that the orange paint is mine and MrC's work, and MrC did the ceiling too!

Ta da! I am falling in love with the curly funky handles Ross (my bmf and kitchen designer) insisted upon, and see how the sun comes through what is a little narrow vertical window to the hall. The room is quite dark otherwise, having such a panoramic view of a retaining wall ;-)

See my lovely retaining wall out the window? It's really kind of funky (AlohaAroha loves it too) as there are all these crannies to plant herbs and flowers, as indeed the previous owner had begun to do.

The only glitch in a very smoothly run project is that this afternoon while drilling a hole to attach a cupboard, the builder appears to have killed all of our downstairs lights. *sigh* Still, we don't really neeeed them and it's just a little thing really. Unless they have to take the whole kitchen out to get at the wall to fix it of course....ARGH!

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