Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kitchen: Day One

Well, yesterday we emptied everything out of our kitchen and today, most of what was left was pulled out:

The world's stoopidest kitchen, no storage space, ghastly colours, and thank your lucky stars we had already pulled up the heeedious vinyl!

This was the only other storage in there, a cupboard.

This is all that is left!

Bye Bye silly cupboard!
So, it begins. Yesterday I did the best job of all - laying out all the tiles for the splashback. I had to actually do it as the complexity of the design was beyond theoretical planning. We laid it all out, photographed it (in 4 sections), I did a graph paper pattern with colour legend etc, and then sorted all the tiles into separate boxes. Now all the tiler has to do is stick to the plan. The main tiles are white, with stripes of glass mosaic ones. You'll see!
The colours in the kitchen are ivory and orange. Yup, orange. It's a dulux colour called Mangatainoka, a place made famous by Tui beer. It is a great colour. It will look amazing. I hope!!!

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