Saturday, February 20, 2010

Progress on the Laurel Gown

Click on the photo and it will expand
Two sash ends complete, laurels sewn on. One laurel motif for front of sash also complete. I had to remake the larger of the sash ends as on my first attempt the leaves were too big and it looked all wrong. But I am reusing these on the bodice so all is not lost.
You know that feeling; when you've made something and you want to convince yourself that it is OK rather than unpick it or redo it, but you also know that if you go ahead with it, the finished product will always bug you? *sigh* If you don't, I pray you never get it!


  1. Just catching up on blogs after a couple of weeks. Loved the tutorial and the finished laurels look amazing. So creative.

  2. Squee! I love it! They look amazing! (and obviously, I'm back in Welly and getting started on the bodice. I'll cut the sash front right away too)