Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ta DA! A kitchen fit for a Queen!

Isn't it beautiful! I've even bought a whole pile of orange, red and white teatowels to celebrate! :) The bench in the foreground is the top of a bookshelf for all my cooking books and cards. It's amazing just having them there at hand. And room to expand the collection too.Soo nice to have the fridge back in the kitchen again. My long, tall pantry is great - each shelf has two baskets on it with pantry things in them, so I can just take out the basket with the thing I need and not have to move lots of stuff. One day when we are feeling richer I may get those slide out shelves, but they were another 4 figure cost on top. This one has a hook inside its door for my aprons.

My favourite cupboard is the glazed one for mugs. The lovely orange gerbera was a secret admirer gift from work.
I am so happy with it all, I just had to celebrate with matching cosies!