Saturday, February 6, 2010

We could have danced all night...

Anyone who follows the Dreamstress will know about the Art Nouveau Mardi Gras ball. I decided that as I have always loved Mucha's art, and I already had a dress with a Beardsley-like print in it, that I would actually go. (I generally prefer to costume others but not myself.)

Here is an excellently useful shot of MrC and I before, also showing the new window into our kitchen, from the hallway side!

Our beloved Dreamstress did an amazing job of putting together music for our traditional dances (although "gallope"ing is for horses, dear!) and I particularly enjoyed the reels - it was a VERY hot night so getting to stand and clap every now and then was a welcome reprise! ;-)

The ladies present, in all our finery, both historically accurate, historically inspired, hysterical, and modern but lovely :) Thank you dearest Dreamstress, for a wonderful night! And thank you to Mother the Embroidernator and florist for my fab hair flowers.