Monday, June 6, 2011

Cupcake frenzy!

Three lots in two weeks. I like to make them in colours that suit the person they are for and this first lot were for a friend at work who loves red and white:
Great photo isn't it! I work with a guy called Rowan who is an ace photographer and he commandeered the camera. I love this angle! And I've learnt something too.
 Having not seen at this point the photos Rowan took, I was still taking bad ones. These were for a 6 year old's birthday party. Pink is my friend!! So is glitter! :)
Ready to be delivered. This is a tray from the cupcake carrier-it has inset spots for the cakes and it stops them falling over in transit - very handy!
 And finally, one giant, gluten free cupcake birthday cake. A tip for anyone who tries this - make sure the buttercream icing is really firm - my first try it all slid off!
Here is a better idea of it size. My two favouritest little blondies - Zoe who was turning 9 and Peter her little brother. (my niece and nephew). :) 


  1. Wow! Those look incredible! Is this your job, or are you just particularly talented and big-hearted? Wow, wow.... I wish I'd seen this before my daughter's birthday, but I'm filing it away for inspiration. Are the butterflies made of some incredible white chocolate, or did you buy them pre-made?

    My birthday is November 5th. ;)

  2. Oooh you should come over for your birthday - Fabricabrac is on the 5th November. It's a huge garage sale for sewing things, AND I make cupcakes for the coffee stall ;-)
    I've added the label "cupcakes" to all the posts I've done on them so they are easy to find and the very first one isn't quite a tutorial but may give a smart creative lass like you a heads up on how to make the chocolate butterflies. I recently have taken to sprinking edible glitter on them before they set, which always appeals to the maximalist tendencies of little gels hehehe
    And yes, sometimes people pay me to make them and sometimes I just make them anyway. But it's not my day job!

  3. ooh wow everything looks SO delectable! yum yum! looks like this is from the movie "marie antoinette"! =)

  4. I don't know what Fabricabrac is, but I like the sound of it. I'm looking to try to get out to Wellington sometime in the summer, depends on work and so forth....

  5. I think you would approve of it, Steph. A whole day market just of people selling their stashes of fabric, patterns, haberdashery and notions, it is the shiz!
    Gosh it would be amazing if you could come and visit us. I know Leimomi will be very thrilled. We promise we'd give you a great time :)