Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sleep, perchance to dream...

It's about 5am and I am blogging. I've already read everyone's new posts on my reading list, my head is swimming, but I know I won't sleep yet. Insomnia is a terrible and wonderful thing. I have a big project to work on today and I don't fancy trying to tackle it with a headache. However, there is something creative and full of possibility about this time of the night. I've done some of my best costuming work at 4am, for example.
The trouble with apartment living and having a mezzanine sewing studio is that early morning creating is anti-social. So, reading about creativity will have to do instead!
Do you go through insomniac phases, and if so, how do you pass the time? Do you surrender to it and use it wisely, or persist in trying to go back to sleep? Any tips on how to go back to sleep, on those days when a big day of work beckons more compellingly than a new garment or 57 blogposts?
Please advise! :)
In the arms of Morpheus. At last...


  1. I suffer from insomnia, too. I'll get about four hours of sleep and then wake up and struggle to get BACK to sleep. Ugh.

    Some things I've found helpful are getting a noise machine to calm the "spinning" of constant thoughts, writing them down in a notebook, and doing yoga/meditation before bed as prevention.

    I'd avoid any "thoughtful" stuff like watching TV, reading a book/blogs, if you're trying to get back to sleep, tho. Those activities tend to activate higher functioning in your brain which doesn't help to calm you down.

    Sometimes, just changing sleeping locations in the middle of the night helps, too. I'll go out to the couch with a blanket, pillow and eyemask, and get some rest.

    Hope this helps you. It's such a frustrating condition.

  2. Thanks Darci :) I found out the next day that half my workmates had been awake then too! It must be catching. Good tips :)