Friday, June 17, 2011

Winter has arrived... is freezing, and raining. Luckily it is raining vertically - the wind here in Wellington often means that the rain is at a 45 degree angle if not actually horizontal. The great thing about the horizontal rain is that the wind generally wrecks umbrellas, but as an umbrella can't save you from it,  it's no great loss. :)


  1. You're a "glas half-full" person, yes? (I suppose definitely on rainy days. hehe.)

  2. Half full of rain perhaps? hehe

  3. Hi Mrs C! Thanks very much for your lovely comments on my blog recently. Your warehouse sounds INCREDIBLE! You live in Wellington? I stayed there for six months once when I was a student, LOVE that city! If you have any posts with images of your home, please let me know the link(s), I would love to see!

    Hope it dries up for you, have a great weekend
    Zoe x

  4. thanks for your comment on my blog - i will email you. and i am sooo glad to have found you blog. xx

  5. Hi all! :) Zoe, that is SO cool that you lived here, isn't it the best place! But we're still heading to the UK for a later in life Overseas Experience possibly next year. I've just checked the photos I've posted of this place and none of them would serve to show you what it was and now is so I'll take some soon. When it's a bit tidier. Ahem.. hehehe
    Miss Ginger, how lovely! I love your blog too! And your Etsy shop, although I am on a fabric buying moratorium except for exceptional opportunities. Whatever that means (I guess it means I promised not to buy any more fabric but I still do, just not as much!)
    Grand to have you both over here for a blog visit. If my wee blog gives you even a 10th of the pleasure I get from reading yours and the other fabulous English lassies' blogs then I will be chuffed!