Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Countdown to Christmas

In a week it is the opening of the White Room Christmas shop. In two weeks it is the annual DCM fundraiser Christmas market. And then there's the Big Day Itself.
I have to date prepared:
9 Christmas cakes - ranging in size from 4 inches to 10 inches round.
5 full sized Christmas puddings and 43 miniatures. About 3 large and another 8 dozen littlies to go
2 bags in a bag - I have a pile cut out and need to get my head down.
10 Christmas stockings
6 dozen non slip hangers - over half of which are already sold!
All kinds of other stuff.
And I haven't solved the what to mount the "fabulous but really quite worthless from a collector's point of view" 1970's Christmas postage stamps on so they can become earrings. I don't fancy noxious epxoy resin fumes and things. Anyone got any ideas?
This is my favourite time of year - making stuff that is just plain fun, making a bit of pocket money to spend on more stuff to make stuff out of, helping to raise a bit of money for a good cause, looking forward to the break.
I love it. Do you?


  1. Could you post pictures of your stamp? What is it made of?

  2. Hi Butterfly. I mean postage stamp, not the rubbery ones. So they are basically paper.:)

  3. Postage stamps without resin:
    It requires some fancy things and techniques as well, though...

  4. Hana they are so cute! I love the idea, but you're right, too much equipment. I do have a fair bit of it mind, having done leadlighting. But not the soldering flux stuff. But wouldn't a pressed flower or leaf look gorgeous in this little glass widow too!
    I am off to the hardware shop to check out possible substances. Thank you for the shifty along :)