Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Zero budget for the Crazy hoarding lady

Last week after some number crunchin', soul searchin' type stuff, I was confronted with the enormity of the amount I spend on fabric. It is a lot. Two and a half times more than the figure I had generously guestimated.
So, before I turn into a crazy hoarding lady (yes well, some may say it is too late), I have gone zero budget. This means that I can only invest money I have earned from the supplies I buy into more supplies. So, income from crafting, stash rehashing and dressmaking is reinvestable. Income from real job is not.
I am cheating ever so slightly. Income from cupcakes is included, although cost of making cupcakes and buying cupcake supplies also has to come from the income.
It's been a week so far - an unusually profitable week as it turns out, and I am $90 up. Woohoo! And with Fabricabrac on Saturday, I should be even more in the black.
This is how I have justified buying three x one metre lengths of craft cotton and one x three metre length of silk chiffon today. Ahem. :)
Has anyone else ever tried any of this? I feel a little like I am abseiling here and some war stories would be comforting!


  1. I have a different tactic - I usually don't buy fabric unless I have a project in mind for it already. This has led to the occasional doh moment when the fabric for a particular project is no longer available, but generally keeps the stash and the expense down to manageable proportions.

    That being said, I will be on the other side of the Fabricabrac tables. I meet the best people there, and then I let them sell me shiny things.

  2. Sarah there are so many , many thigns I love and admire about you, including your awesome restraint in the matter of fabric acquisition. Can you dl it onto a memory stick so I can ul it into my head? ;-)

  3. You know that I would if I could...

  4. Dear Mrs. C.,
    Sometimes I think that it is loving the fabric itself as much as what we make from it that brings us such happiness. That said, there can be too much love.

    My tactic? Partly fear of upsetting the family budgetary equilibrium. Therefore I have limited purchases over $40 to about 1-2 annually, and I save up for them, and Curte can see that I am saving up. He gets his lunches out, I save my lunch money for fabric! The other part I make into a game: any item I consider has to be as much of a bargain as possible, so I will hunt for weeks and momths, comparing, contrasting, winnowing. That, and we're not in Wellington where you are surrounded by very nice stores.

    Very best,

  5. I love the idea of selling hand crafted goods to reinvest in supplies. Makes perfect sense. I have an unhealthy habit of buying vintage patterns and I too have a fabric stash mountain. A new years resolution might be in order for me.

  6. My stash tend to grow every time I try to make something that fits me (did I mention I hate fitting) I'm not satisfied with how it looks or I get stuck and it gets stuffed into my sewing box waiting to become yet another patchwork quilt of broken dreams.

  7. That is so sad!! Lady D you need a fitting buddy!

  8. I'm trying to find a space in my room and money in my budget to buy a dress form.