Tuesday, November 8, 2011


What do the first eleven Doctors have in common? Apart from being interesting, smart, eccentric, clever, intrepid and English? They are all BLOKES.
Wouldn't it be nice if #12 was a woman. And not a skinny, pouty, collagen lipped Plastic, please. A real woman. Miriam Margoles, Zoe Wanamaker, Miranda Hart? That would be funny!
A few months ago, a few of us went out to take photos of The Dreamstress' creations; of Aline's dress and the Pink extravaganza, under the amazing lens of "Diane Villiers," aka Sarah. Usually I stick to hair and makeup but Madame O convinced me not to be such a sap and get dressed up too.
Wanting to show off my purple frock coat and my new top hat and goggles, I thought I'd have a go at creating a lady Doctor. 
 Sonic fan maybe? Screwdrivers are Soooo 28thC!
 Nothing says "spin!" like a frock coat!
 The all important reveal shot of all those Hong Kong bound seams. A huge job but I love the effect. And so nice to use a beautiful cotton print from my stash.
 On the lookout for alien space ships maybe?
 To the Tardis!! Purple frock coat made from heavy cotton knit (rugby knit?) machine appliqued with ribbon rose fabric.
Meh, life in Space is tough. Sometimes a girl just wants to hang out with her pals and a parasol.
A lovely afternoon was had by all!


  1. What fun!
    Ah, for the color purple. It looks great.

    Very best,


  2. yeah for a lady Doctor! what about Sarah Mullican?!

  3. Amazing coat - just the thing for our first lady Doctor! I love the Hong-Kong finish it is really beautiful and gives a high quality finish. I'm hoping the Tardis has a lot of hanging space - what do you think?

    Thank you for the info re the elastic button loops - they'll be just the thing but I'm having trouble finding a suitable pattern. I have a fixed idea in mind and its not out there! I'll keep looking though :) xxx

  4. You are all wonderful! MrsE, such a pity about the pattern. There's probably one out there easily adapted but it's so hard to know isn't it. Good luck! Happy to send you some looping. :)

  5. You make a fabulous Lady Dr MrsC! MadameO

  6. That is one FANTASTIC outfit!! I love the colours and the Hong Kong seams are divine!

    (Loved your comments on Tilly' blog about amateur vs. professional stitchers.)

  7. Aww thanks Sarah. I hang out with a bunch of sewists, heaps really when you count quilting, and I guess that unless one has that opportunity it may not be so obvious how important it is not to filter for level of experience. I learn stuff from my friends whom I help out, mainly because for the first time in ages I have to articulate what I am doing instead of being an idiot savant about it!

  8. That is one very special coat! Such a gorgeous colour and finished to such perfection :-)

  9. Not a lady 'Doctor' but a TimeLady in your own right...then you can hang around with the Doctor like Romana. ;)
    Like the frock coat. The colour suits you. I have the same umbrella but in black.
    I have several DoctorWhoesque outfits (clues in my nomdeplume LadyD short for Lady De Temps or lady of time). Although I claim to have had a 10th Doc style outfit before he started wearing it. (is it sad I've also got a sonic screwdriver).
    Being an 8th doctor fan....I have 2 velvet frock coats, white frilly shirt and waistcoat with corduroy skirt as my Timelady outfit.

  10. Well I am impressed, #8 was Sylvester MacCoy? Not a Doctor many people remember, but I liked him too, although #5 is my favourite. #8 was the styliest dresser though. SM was in Wellington recently being filmed for the Hobbit and my husband nearly became his body double for the long shots. Cute eh! SM is playing Radagast the Brown.
    You are very right of course, there are timeladies out there already. But Romana was a companion, and the women are always the supporting side kick albeit in a huge range of types. I just like the idea of a Doctor, front and centre, who is a woman, and the star. Caroline Quentin would be amazing!

  11. The 8th Doctor is paul mcgann
    He did the TV movie BBC books and Big Finish Audios. (I was too young for the classic series and be came a fan before the new series was announced)

  12. Oh no! How could I have got that wrong!! What am I like!! He was great. And it makes a lot mroe sense, SM was cool but not in a way to capture the imagination of refined TimeLadies ;-)