Friday, February 10, 2012

Finished Project - Embellished Anne Harvey Jacket

While I was in the UK last year, I discovered Anne Harvey. What a fabulous shop! the standard, variety and fit of clothes was so much more than we get ready made in New Zealand and the prices were pretty reasonable too.
I found a linen neru jacket, unlined,that fitted me like a dream, and I really wanted to get it, but I am just not a natural/porridgey coloured jacket kind of gal. Tired of black, yes, but not ready for neutrals. But then I thought, hey, this is a blank canvas garment. Its unlined construction means that embellishing it will be a doddle.
And so a few months after we got back, I embellished it. And here is the finished object:
I used the same fabric as for the wide brim hat, and a similar technique for the applique. I also changed the buttons.
I adore these painterly roses so much!
Close up of the front. I didn't want it to be symmetrical but I did want it to look balanced. I think we got there in the end!
Super close up. This has been washed and the roses are fraying a little, which is what I wanted. I made sure the steam a seam didn't go to the absolute edges, so the raw edges of the fabric would start to fray. The leaves are a soft gold net - double layered since one wasn't enough, and machine embroidered only along the veinlines. They flop a bit but I love the effect.

The inside shows the stitching on the rose. Because it is big, and pretty, I've drawn over it quite a bit with the machine, so to speak, in a variegated thread. This is more visible in the live item than in the photos 
So there it is, looks a treat with my red linen skirt and a white top.  


  1. Great effect. Result is lovely. I love the inside too. This would be great as a feature on itself.

  2. What a great idea! And I'm with you--I like a little pop of colour with my neutrals!

  3. You are very clever - the jacket looks great!!! Much more interesting than the plain original version - well done =D

  4. Oh wow... what vision you have Mrs C. I would never have seen potential in a porridge colour despite my love affair with linen! This is amazing. And I love that you've left the edges to do their thing and that the leaves flop around the stem. Just gorgeous :-)

  5. Aw shucks :) I don't think I would have seen potential either except it is so hard to find clothes wiht enough structure to satisfy me in my size, and this was it! And I already had plans to embellish a jacket with this fabric, so it all came together :) Serendipity!

  6. This is awesome! Linen and roses and wonderfulness! I love the things you make. It's just so pretty! :)

  7. Oh la la Mrs C.. that is gorgeous. What a beautiful jacket you've made and amazing ideas.. I bought some cheap plain tops that I want to dress up for work with flowers and stuff.. maybe buttons of course. I'll dream about it tomorrow. Have a happy Valentines Day to you both. I'm sure I'm going too haha.