Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sew Grateful winners!

Hi all, I originally intended to send all five patterns to one person but in the end, I have assigned them separately, based on the ones you all said you liked best. I used a random number generator and the first number that came up got their first choice, and so on until I had assigned them all. If the next number to come up wanted one already assigned, I redrew. I hope you all don't mind, but it seemed that this was fairer, given how different the patterns all are!
So, the winners in order of the draw are:
Scruffy Badger - Simplicity 5546
Tina - Maudella wedding dress
Emily - Maudella Maternity
Leslie - Maudella child's dress
T - Weigels button up dress.
Thank you all so much for supporting this giveaway! It's been lovely to meet new people, follow you back to your own blogs if you have them, and I've added a few to my daily scan as a result :)


  1. Mrs C!! I am thrilled - thank you so much. I cannot wait to plan the making of such a beautiful dress.... ooooo...... exciting!!!

  2. OH! A Weigels! Lucky T!

    I agree, Sew Grateful was an incredible "mixing" blog event, such a great idea. :) I found a whole slew of new to me awesome bloggers.

  3. Definitely the best way to go about it! This way not one, but five people get lucky and happy. :-)