Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Party!

Have you had this TV programme on air lately? The various series and versions aired last year in NZ, and caused quite a flutter among some of my friends. In the end, we just had to channel our inner travellers, and on Saturday 18 Feb 8pn at Thistle Hall, the dearly beloved gathered for our very own Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Party!
Me dressed as Mystic Meg, complete with TWO Bumpits! Those things are like Viagra for the hair, very impressive!
Mystic Meg with her crystal ball (or, small fishbowl recently emptied of crisps, stuffed with supermarket plastic bag, er)
Me and MrC, or Paddy for the night. Dig his jacket? It's a woman's jacket, tailor made, from the late '80s. We worked out that in gypsy years, we were great grandparents! (note: he is kissing my hand, that's all...)
One of the brides present, with her bridesmaids. No fake tan was spared in the making of most outfits!
Rob as an Irish traveller. Loving the mullet wig!
The amazingly talented and clever Jim Stanton demonstrating the swirl factor in her outrageous costume!
We had an amazing night, so many awesome costumes! I read palms all night (the fishbowl turned out to be unreliable) and had to deal with quite a cue! There was lots of Shakira-esque moves on the dance floor and lots of sequins and battery operated personal fairy lights.
Thanks Maz and M. David for thinking of it and making it happen :)


  1. Wow - looks like a lot of fun was had by all. Great pics.

  2. This is hilarious - what a brilliant theme for a party.

  3. So my fortune was that I have a life of crime and 5 children in the offing! I'm 37, best I get a move on then! Fab photos from a fab night! Kat x