Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm (still) Versatile!

It's a bit cheeky accepting the same award twice, but it's been a while, in fact two years almost to the day! Thank you so much StephC from 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World, which incidentally I think is one of the best blog names ever. Says everything there is to say about living in a country far away from one's own.
So, the recipient is expected to tell seven things about herself, and I am going to take advantage of this to tell you seven things about my new business, as I did the 'me' thing last time, and I do get bored with myself quite quickly!
1. The name Made Marion was The Embroidenator's idea. I wanted a name with Marion in it because the business is on Marion St, and was toying with Marion Makes, but that is SO hard to say! Mum rang me at work, said "Made Marion" and hung up. It worked! She is so clever!
2. We are open seven days. This is important to me as Sunday is the day I run out of things and Sunday is the day when only a couple of shops are open, and not my first choices either. So I figure it must be the same for others.
3. Made Marion opens on my birthday, and our grand opening is on Friday 13th. I am all for reclaiming inauspicious dates. When your birthday is on April Fool's Day, you appreciate such ironies.
4. I am teaching various sewing related craft classes including tea cosies and aprons (Surprise!! hehehe) but not dressmaking. I don't know why I can do what I can do so I can't teach it. I am in awe of StephC for her ability to articulate what she does, and have learnt a lot from her.
5. Among our class offerings, we have vintage hair and makeup styling workshops. Yahoo! Not entirely craft related but so seriously cool, I don't mind at all! Thank you to Claire from The Vanity Case!
6. The shop is going to have orange couches to sit and knit or embroider upon. I looked at the waterfall of colours and the orange whispered to me the best.
7. We hire cake tins. The scalloped ones have not been hired out for some time, and the current owners suggested removing them from the range. But with such a blossoming fashion for scallops, I can see the shape coming back into vogue. What do you think?
Two VERY different uses of scalloped cakes. That's what I call versatile! ;-)


  1. I vote keep the scallops. I love how they look, especially the top one.

  2. Congrats on your award. I too love the scallops. Those cakes look way too good to eat.