Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sofa lovin'

This weekend, MrC and I escaped to our favourite weekend getaway, Martinborough. Not just because we are lushes who love nothing more than go to wineries, taste the wines, buy the wines and bring them home and drink them, nonono. That's just PART of the attraction!
The weather is great. The cafes are great. And it has quirky shops, which given how tiny the town is, I'm amazed that I keep discovering. My latest find is Graham and Sons, Upholsterers.
Not only is the Son who served us a bit of a hottie, he is also a master craftsman, and a man, I feel, of great Taste in Furniture.
I present in support of this theory Exhibit A:
A typical bergere suite, as found in Grandparents' front rooms all over this green and pleasant land. Including my mother's, which the one above is NOT, I might add. This was a random on trademe, and excellent buying at $150 for the whole suite.
The trouble with these lovely and compact and elegant suites is that the cane in the arms and back busts, and once it has gone, there's no fixing it. But our Son of Graham had an idea:
 Remove cane bits and upholster instead, of course!
 Not a fan of 1960's mahogany, he also distressed the frame. I love it!
A truly smart piece of furniture that honours its provenance. I'm not totally sold on the neutral ikat fabric but I love the idea, and it is an upholstery project not beyond a smart person with a few clues.
Now wouldn't the olive cut velour horror in the first photo come up a treat with this kind of overhaul!


  1. Your weekend sounds like it was a lot of fun! Love these type of couches and what a steal!

  2. Your weekend sounds like it was a lot of fun! Love these type of couches and what a steal!

  3. I'm not sold on that fabric either - I think it's too "washed out" to look good in most rooms...
    But yes, otherwise it's clever!

  4. Ooh, I can't wait to get out there for the first time at Easter! I love the sofa makeover. Looks great, but like you, perhaps it's a tad pale for some interiors.

    1. Nikki if you go check the shop out, do go upstairs and see the furniture up there. There is a gorgeous Jacobean print in black with very bright patterning on it, I am in LOVE with the fabric! As far from this ikat as you can get!

  5. I adore old sofa's especially ones with patterns, gorgeous! XxxX

  6. Hi, i love the re-worked sofa. It looks so much better - I do think its a shame that the fabric is a bit washed out looking though. I think you should put some shade of red (maybe watermelon?) pillows with it.

    Great blog