Monday, March 5, 2012

Made Marion - How it came about

Dear readers, I am awake at 4am because my head is so full of thoughts and ideas, sleep is not an option! So, being a mend and make do kind of girl, I'm using the time wisely!
My destiny began some time near the end of last year when I found out Goldings Handcrafts was for sale. Had a moment of wistful thinking, then got on with my day. The idea however hung about and it was something discussed among local crafters from time to time as well. Still, nothing really kindled.
Then when working on Lonely Heart between Boxing Day and New Year, I needed five zips, so thought I'd check if Goldings was open instead of dragging out to Snotties (erk). It was, and I walked in.
Now in spite of being an avid crafter who lived a few blocks away, I hadn't been into the shop since we moved back to Wellington in 2008. This mostly because MrC did such errands for me during the working day! So, HE knew it really well. So this day, I walked in and it was like something inside me went AHA! I saw the potential, and got talking to Les, and one hour and five zips later, I was at home saying to MrC, "How do you feel about us buying Goldings?" I am sure the neighbours heard the, "Here we go again!" I got in response (I am a woman of many ideas, and MrC, poor man, has had his ears worn down from listening to them all!)
But the idea wouldn't leave me alone and so I called Les to arrange for a coffee and a chat, and talked for an hour. Les and Dianne are amazing people who have run this business for 43 years, and yet they were delighted to hear new ideas for the shop.
Anyway, in the two months since I walked into the shop that day, we have chipped away at the show stoppers, got our ideas onto paper, and finally there came the moment when it was crunch time. Nothing was really stopping me any more except myself. Was I willing to put aside a successful if not entirely satisfying career and the income that went with it for an uncertain and possibly impecunious future? Turns out I was. And my wonderful, darling husband is just as keen as I am - when he is not asleep or working 14 hour days on the Arts Festival that is!
And so here I am, awake at 4am, (ok now it's 5am), but not from stress and misery, from excitement. I am so moved by the incredible support I am getting - both moral and practical, and I owe it all to a great extent to you guys, the blogging community, which has opened my eyes to what is most important to me.
As I get the various online presences organised, I'll pop links to them in the side bar of this blog. Our facebook page is looking a little meagre, but it will grow and new things will appear and eventually so will a whole new website. :)
Watch this space, people! xoxo


  1. I can understand why you can't sleep - such an exciting adventure!

  2. Great news - I am happy the shop lives on as I have good memories of my brief couple of years selling for a company that produced kitsets of embroidery - Les was so very nice to deal with. Looks as though I shall have to make an overdue visit, come April. All the best.

  3. Les is fantastic. He is teaching me and I am his Grasshopper hehehe. Such integrity, too. I will wlecome you with open arms, June! :)

  4. WOW Good for you MrsC....I wish you the very best in your new adventure...I am certain it will be a complete success. Give that wonderful man of yours a huge hug for being so supportive. As I don't get on blogger very often can I ask you to flash a link to your Facebook page asap so that me other people who know you but don't follow you on here can LIKE your page and follow you there! xx

    1. I've done it! :) Do come up and see it when it's all done eh!! Bring Sing Rangiora! You can all do a concert in the shop!

  5. I seriously need to get the house finished and then drop huge suggestions to hubby that we come to Wellington for some R & R....then you can be sure I will be dropping in to see you. Would be great to bring the choir and do a concert...but you might want to check with Ang on that one :)