Saturday, September 15, 2012

Jonny B Good

I love Sundays in the shop - not too many customers and no business distractions so I get heaps done. My first job for today was to put the name "Jonny" in yellow letters on the back of a Letterman jacket. As you do.
The jacket is for an up coming production of Zombie Prom the Musical.
I had to play around with the fonts to get one that would fit. The closest I could find to trad Letterman font is Rockwell, but a word with ONN in it was hard to fit in a decent size. So I used Stencil and adapted it. I just printed the letters out in outline from a MS Word doc, size 430 front no less, over three pages!
Next I outlined them all in black vivid, shaving the N's down even more. Then I turned them over and traced the letters through onto Steam-a Seam. Amazing that even on a dark table, with the letters turned over, and two layers of paper on the Steam-a-Seam, I could still easily make out the vivid.
After pressing the Steam a Seam onto yellow felt, I then cut the letters out, paper backing and all. A simple matter of peeling the paper off, and I have lovely, slightly tacky stick on letters!
To give the name a nice curve, I grabbed a 20" cake board to use as a guide. One of the many advantages of owning a shop full of completely random things!
A final pressing to attach the letters and there you have it, thoughtfully modelled by a customer who happened to come in just as I finished it. It was a tad large for the poor lad, who is a very styley design student. He did not understand my instructions to pose like Elvis. Oh, the young!

And yes, it is not meant to have an H, apparently there is a song about him being Jonny without an H! :)
Zombie Prom is on 27-29 September at the Whitereia Theatre on Vivian St. Musical direction by my fab friend Michael, co-recipient of the recent Red and Black quilt. Which is how I got involved, OF COURSE.
Unfortunately I couldn't help them with a Carmen Miranda costume, not having one in my collection, nor the time to make one. Alas! would have been such fun!!
I said Carmen Miranda, not Miranda Hart!

UPDATE: Stupid lettering wouldn't stay put, by the next day it was peeling off. So, I split the lining open across the back, and sewed it all down, using my embroidery foot with the dog feed dropped. It didn't take long. Then I sutured zigzagged the lining up again. The patient came through just fine!


  1. Hi Mrs C! Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my sewing classes post. I wish you all the best with yours too. It's so good to hear that there are so many people getting into sewing all over the world! Any dudes in your classes?

    Zoe x

    1. Heaps of dudes, Zoe! This latest is the first all gal line up we've had. I am seriously excited for the wannabe stitchers of your part of the world, you will be such a great teacher!! Maybe one day you can do a teaching tour and come down here to do some Master Classes! :)