Sunday, September 30, 2012

Master Class

Good evening all. I am writing this on the eve of a week I brought upon myself, and am facing with no little trepidation.
It is the school holidays for the next two weeks - in the second week, my stepkids are coming (yay!) but in the first, I am running a Master Class for teens. I have two students, two utterly gorgeous, enthusiastic young women (13 and 16) who want to design and make their own clothes.
It's a big responsibility, steering these two through a week of learning resulting in an actual finished garment. I am feeling very aware of it right now!
So, I'll be getting the camera out and I'll see if they are up for having their progress blogged. I may even see if they already blog, or want to, and want to track their own processes. Who knows. The whole week is unchartered territory!
Wish me luck! :)


  1. good luck! i'm sure they'll love it!x

  2. good luck.. it will be hard work but lots of fun!

  3. What fun, a lovely age for enthusiasm.

  4. Thanks everyone. Day one done, day two I may break out the camera, as long as I don't upset anyone! Two very different and gorgeous dresses under way!

  5. Dear Mrs. C.,
    How is it going? Think it's a grand idea, bringing two young ladies in for an entire week. They will learn so much, and you will share so much. What a gift, what a gift. Neat to have family coming, too. Have you provided for any rest time, my dear?



  6. Rest?? Who needs rest when there is sewing to do! ;-)

  7. How lovely for those girls. My mum taught me the basics when I was younger but to have an actual tutor and share the experience with other girls... let alone be able to arrive with my own designs in mind... I would have been bursting with excitement. Looking forward to hearing about their progress.

  8. I love the idea of a masterclass - I've just found your blog and i'm looking to run a sewing class with some of my Students after half term - see I can get them hooked on sewing too.