Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Master Class Days one and two

Well, still no photos -we are so busy there's been no time! We will make an effort. Now that garments are starting to emerge.
Dress one - printed cotton drill being turned into a smart sun dress - fitted bodice, halter strap, half circle skirt to the knee. Miss 13 turned up with the right fabric, a great drawing and she is well under way.
Dress two - black merino knit and a black stretch lace - semi fitted sleeveless bodice with zip up front and lace V in back, midriff and tulip skirt. Sweet and street. Miss 16 turned up with a drawing and that was it.
First stop, Global Fabrics - we chose patterns that had a few useful elements in them but still required adjustments and drafting of skirts and things. For the learning of the thing. It is here we found the merino and lace for Dress Two.
Next up, tracing patterns onto calico, making bodice muslins, fitting, transferring the fitting changes onto a new pattern. Settling a few design details.
Day two - cutting out the patterns, learning how to draft a half circle skirt, way more time spent on Dress Two. It's a little more ambitious than its maker can handle, so our deal is that she will learn as much as she can and I'll ease it over the complicated parts.
What a pair of fabulous young women! So different, but so great.  More tomorrow!!


  1. Dear Mrs. C.,
    Neat, neat, neat! I admire that you have not demanded the young women use a particular pattern or skill level. It's much harder, of course, for all of you, but with your easing them past hard bits, they learn a lot and retain their excitement about the process.




  2. Oh gosh. Lucky lucky ladies. You must have so much energy Mrs C and for sure a degree in Multitasking. Those girls will learn not only from their own projects but a huge deal from each others too. It stays with you eternally, that sort of memory... or it would do with me!!

  3. Lordie Oobop, I wish I DID have the energy! i am done in hehehe. But, we are definitely on the home stretch - hem only for one dress which needs horsehair, and a zip and hem for the other. Photos WILL be taken! :)