Thursday, October 18, 2012

More from Aethercon

More fab if fuzzy photos from the recent Steampunk Convention in Wellington. :)

 A photo of me by Captain Neave R. Willoughby (say it out loud) who was the elegant gent in the last post with a camera in his hat.
 I loved this upcycle military look -I think it was made from old army trousers. Very clever!
 Those stockings are body paint. Cute eh!
 Mortimer was in the last post too, and here he is after wonderful facial makeup. Cyber explorer!
 Dante simultaneously demonstrating our fab steampunk buttons and his unerring eye for spotting a nymph.
 More Goth than SP but a great look love the sideburns!
 I do love this look. Such a sweet man too!
 Pure sass.
One wonders what swashbuckling adventures this intrepid traveller has experienced.

Tremendous fun!


  1. I think I would struggle with the 'punk' element of steampunk. lol! I'm more of a vintage gal.
    I say wandering around looking like lady edith (downton abbey) in my frock coat, long skirt, cloche hat and gloves. (need to find matching handbag and T bar shoes). Planning on getting a 20's bobbed haircut soon. I'm going 20's for autumn/winter, 30's for spring and 40's for summer. Used to spend the winter as an edwardian but I find 20's and late edwardian quite interchangeable.

  2. Mrs c, I'm loving these costumes! People are great aren't they!!

  3. Oh wow! What fun. I love the whole look. Just designed a book cover with elements of steampunk in mind!