Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Master Class Last Day

Well, I DID get the camera out during the week, but really, there is nothing to take photos of with this. No progress shots because of modesty, and the black on black and black on white fabrics chosen didn't take good pix.
So, I've skipped to the outcomes.
 Caitlin at the sewing machine. The twin needle got a big work out on this merino and stretch lace creation.
 This is Katelyn in her design. I took a photo of it now before she chose a hem length as I really like it this long, even over jeans! It has a fab zipper up the front - bright silver 5 coil. We also have gold ones in the shop, they are apparently all the rage. Its main purpose, besides being a bit 'street' was to make the dress "getintoable" as she wanted a fairly firm fit. However, I won on this front and the fit is quite relaxed, and it will probably pull over her head.
 This is the back, with a V panel of a lacy knit fabric.
Miss Katelyn is looking so happy because she won the hemline war! I think the dress is out of proportion this short, but it makes her happy and it is hers after all. 
 This is Rebecca at the sewing machine, with her cow print fabric. Looking very colour coordinated with our crazy wallpaper!
 Stunning!?! The skirt has horsehair in the hem, and the stuff I have in store is stiffer than the type generally shown online, and does a fantastic job of holding a half circle skirt out. Rebecca worked very hard on her dress this week, doing most of it herself, including the calculations and drafting of her skirt pattern.
I love the red shoes with it too! We are hoping tomorrow is a warm day as she wants to wear it to church. Thank goodness for cardies as tonight the weather has gone baad and it may not improve.
This is probably the tidiest the tables have been all week!
We had a great time, and I am pooped. I confess I probably did too much for them, in order to get the dresses done by lunchtime Friday (you won't see Tim Gunn doing that!) but they learned heaps and both are thrilled with their finished garments and what they have learned.
I learned how to use a twin needle. I learned that I cannot afford to take 15 hours out of my week to teach - ordering and admin piled up and stressed me out. But it was also really good to do this and see how it went, and I remember now that I love teaching. :)
I am very proud of my Master Class graduates. Two very different, very lovely people who both realised a design they had in their heads without a commercial pattern to follow. :)


  1. What fabulous achievements for all of you. I am hugely impressed.

  2. So lovely to see their creations! Well done!

  3. Your classes sound great. I am envious. And look at the happy faces of the students.

    1. Yes, Katelyn popped in today and is having so much fin telling everyone she made the dress they admire!

  4. Dear Mrs. C.,
    You had two lucky students, to have all that time under your wing. Love how their garments turned out: you can see the happiness in their faces.

    Hoping that the admin has been gotten through (yurgh: it's can be so dull),


    1. Secret admission - I love admin! I love ordering, and spreadsheets and balancing accounting systems. Unfortunately this stuff is so polar opposite to the creative side and comes more easily to me, I have to work at the balance!

  5. Wow what a fantastic achievement, they both look amazing! Well done MrC and students you did a great job. MadameO

  6. I'm so jealous of these girls, lol! You are so awesome to take them under your wing like this! :)
    Looks great!
    Plus, I didn't know you had horsehair braid- cool! :)

    1. Hey, you are always welcome to come pick my brain, although on some days there's not much left ;-)