Sunday, October 14, 2012

Aethercon 2012 Steampunk Extravaganza

Well, I just know you're busting to hear about how I spent my Saturday. It was Wellington's very first ever Steampunk Convention, Aethercon 2012. What a great day! I had a stall in the bazaar, selling the same things we sell in the shop - antique brass locks, rings, sprockets, buttons -  all manner of things for costumes and props alike. Ironically, our supply of steampunk buttons was quite low as so many attendees had already bought them for their costumes on the day :)
I didn't have time to make a new costume (say awwww) so I blinged up my favourite stripey 1910ish jacket with some screw head buttons.

I was so thrilled with my hair!! Those rolls are stuffed chocka with ratts made of my own hair, and held up that rather heavy tophat and goggles with great ease. My hair fall augmented the back. I love big hair!
Below are some of the attendees.
A wonderfully evocative costume and character, with a genuinely NZ feel to it. Loved it!
 Father and daughter punkers. Apologies for the awfully blurry photos - I didn't have my glasses on, and didn't realise they were out of focus, and that there was a smear on the lens that is causing the mysterious blurring in every photo. Not a tear in the space time continuum after all!
 Mother daughter this time. Miss is a mad scientsit complete with leather apron and phials of mysterious powders. Lovin' the goggles, made of preserving jar lid rims and leather!
 Lady Jane Craven, a symphony of elegance and finery! I love the cut-away jacket!
 Lord Leslie Craven, who unfortunately I never got a photo of in better focus than this.
 Agent Darling, all the way from Oamaru, which is, for the non locals, a small town in the South Island with a stunning Victorian precinct that has led to a highly active Steampunk presence. It is in fact the Steampunk Capital of NZ.
 Our photographer. The camera is real, on the inside. Loving it.
 My dear friend Nini of Things Unseen Jewellery. We were Bazaar neighbours and her supply of rice crackers and chocolate kept me going since I forgot to bring any lunch. Thanks Nini!

And that was a small sample of the amazing people who came through. I have more photos to share next time!


  1. Wow.
    I love those jar lids goggles: the ingenuity of it.
    And the camera on the photographer's hat.
    AND your hair.

  2. Very interesting. I must admit to ignorance in this area. I had heard the term steampunk recently but not known what it was. Your photos inspired me to "google" it. Very interesting. Glad you enjoyed your day. You looked great!

  3. Dear Mrs. C.,

    Now there's a good day for you! All dressed up and a fabulous place to go! The hair rolls are most becoming. Memo to file: try it!

    Those jar lid goggles are the best idea since they invented elastic. Here am I, about to work a shift as stewardess of the airship Concord (on the 28th, my dear), and I lack goggles. Here's this brilliant solution, no puzzling required. Thank you muchly therefore.

    Very best, and now off to cut out an overskirt for said stewardess uniform,


  4. How cool is that? I had no idea such an event was on. So cool that people dress up!

  5. What an inspiring day, seeing so many people in such brilliant costumes. Looks like it was fun just people watching, and looking pretty cool yourself too !!

  6. After being terribly confused by the steampunk movement (is it a movement?), I'm now very interested because I just love the costumes, and it seems like so much fun! I just love your hair curls by the way - very nice!

  7. Ohhh that's so cool and you looked great