Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In honour of our wedding anniversary and my url...

I thought I would explain why I chose amamus-amatis-amant. Which, as many will know, is from the Latin conjugation of the verb amare = to love.
amo = I love, amas= you love (s), amat= he, she or it loves, amamus = we love, amatis = you love (pl), amant = they love.
MrC and I met online; he was using "amamus" as a username at the time. I spotted it, sent him a quick msg saying it was nice to know that someone else did Latin at school, and that got us talking. And here we are today :)
When it came to planning our wedding, we came up with the theme, "The Magic and Miracle of Love," but Love in the biggest sense of the word. Not just him and me, but the wider circle of our families and friends who are just as much a part of us as we are. So, the Latin conjugation of amare featured on our invitations, and we got half each on our rose gold wedding rings. MrC got the first three words as he had skinnier fingers! I therefore got the second half, with a tiny ruby between each word. To us it adds to the symbolism of the ring that is a circle without beginning or ending.
When I was trying to come up with a url, the hectic eclectic was gone, and then the idea of using my wedding ring came to me, and funnily enough, it was still free!
He took this lovely photo of our rings just now, sitting on an applique and cording sample I did last week. I thought it was more fitting than the ironing board cover!

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  1. I love that. The meaning behind Mr C and your wedding rings is beautiful and very symbolic - wishing you many many more happy anniversaries. Hugs Jx