Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September morn...

My goodness, into my second month of blogging already! It's been a day. Lovely weather, spring is making an early play for supremacy, noone is arguing.
This week I discovered something. About how people hear what we say. It's definitely a lesson for me! I want to say my piece and because I know I'm right, "they" should listen. Trouble is, being right means often being righteous, and noone listens to righteous people. I've discovered that being understood is better. When people understand they think we are wise. Wise beats right like a royal flush beats a pair of 2's!
The trick is being wise not right, cos right comes automatically, but wisdom takes more effort.
Ah well. Life is a journey for a reason I guess, gives us time to get better at living it. Then we die. This is why I prefer to believe in reincarnation. Seems a terrible waste otherwise.


  1. You really seem to be into this "blog" thing. For you it seems to be a world wide stage to spout unendingly (spout unendingly is polite for drone) on matters of the heart, or heartfelt or obsessed with, with no conflict or off button. I thought this last post was truly heartfelt, very literate, if not poetic, (as usual) and really never got to issue but really dwelled on platitudes and atherial concepts. As inspiring as it was to read the wonderfulness of your prose I was waiting with baited breath to find out what exactly you were "right" sorry "wise" about and never got there. Oh well, I guess "blogging" also encourages longwindedness as evidenced with this rather irrelavent note. Anyway aside from everything else this is fun.


  2. Spouting unendingly is the purpose of blogs, dear. One can only hope that occasionally the content will be useful or appealing to someone. Not sure that most of my posts will mean much to your gorgeous self, as you don't sew or bake, which is why I suspect you chose this post to comment on? :) Hmm, I could have given the situation behind this insight but it would have been a bad move for a number of reasons. I have learnt the hard way that one should not give too much away online lest the other persons referenced read it. Admittedly as a result the post lacked a dramatic denouement, the blogging equivalent of the car chase. I am sure you will learn to live with it somehow. I promise to post on subjects that will be of interest to you also, such as appalling facial hair and catawauling in harmony... ;-)