Thursday, January 5, 2012

First batch of costumes almost done!

Well guess what I've been up to! Costumes all the way. Ably and gratefully helped by Madame Ornata and The Dreamstress who are as talented a duo as a girl could ever hope to know :)
Publicity photos done. Cringeworthy lack of styling in them and many pins were involved as nothing has a zip in it, but here we go!
Surreal photo of daughter and mother, Rainelle and Delphine (Natasha McAllister and Emma Kinane). Petticoat malfunction! Gorgeous navy spotted suit borrowed from a local theatre company, hideous and fabulous Shirley Temple dress by moi. Needs a navy sash, not a fab but wrong improv belt!

Posing as if mid their tap routine. Are they cutesy enough? that was the idea! :)

Bryony Skillington who plays Martha the lead and Michael Nicholas Williams, the genius behind the show (and the piano!) Martha's suit is going to get its own post next, it is very exciting!
The hat will also get its own post soon. But I don't think she'll be wearing it. She is just so gosh darn cute in it, which is not what we want! So it will end up with the spotty number Emma is wearing and I'm making her a plainer one. Bryony is a dream to sew for, everything looks amazing on her, which is kind of tricky when I'm meant to be making her look frumpy. Hrmph! The sign is for Bats Theatre, which I used to practically live in nearly 30 years ago. (Really? Yup!) It is famous right now for having been bought by Peter Jackson to ensure it has a future. Will he come see it? Will he fall for my costumes and offer me his next movie? Will Frodo marry me and have my children?! hehehe.

Ensemble shot. From left Nick Purdie (improv waiter outfit) Natasha, Bryony in another costume, Emma and Nick Dunbar in the right suit and the wrong shirt and tie. Michael looking perfect (Lucky Emma; she's  married to him!)
The lovely couple. In the background just above them is Eleanor the Producer and the beshorted gentleman is Jeff Kingsford-Brown the Director. There's plenty more coming but not together yet. I am so excited!!!

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