Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Constance's first public gig!

Well, it's finally happening. I have a gig at a regular show called Caburlesque on 5 April at The Fringe Bar.
Apart from a minor typo in my name (I only have one Craving, not many!) it is quite exciting seeing the poster!
The theme, as the poster says, is Madonna. I am singing two numbers. After hunting through Her Mad's hits list, I opted for two from different movies she has been in. Both a tad torch song like. One is getting a severe makeover. And that's all I'm letting on for now :)
Still waiting for photos of the Teenager in his costume, which in spite of the appalling weather last week which delayed ferry sailings, arrived on time for the scifi convention. 
Busy week - I'm out nearly ever night - Tuesday for dinner with friends last night to get my eyebrows threaded (a world of pain!), tonight to the local Quilters' Guild, Friday to Michael's to lay down the backing tracks for the show above. Saturday I am not teaching but I am hosting a stall at the local Embroiderers' Guild work day, and in the evening and Sunday I am hoping to either rest or whip up a coat for MrC, as on Monday we are going to a Steampunk event. And on the following night we host Tuesday Night Dinner.
I am exhausted just thinking about it all. If I didn't have to open the shop in 20 minutes, I'd go have a lie down ;-)


  1. Congrats.. SO happy for you.. Best wishes..

  2. Good luck! I've been out of shows for a while now - budgets took me out of it from November til Feb, and then hand surgery took me out of everything til just over a week ago! But a performance on the 12th of April for me, I am rather pleased to be getting back into it. Much costuming to do. Hope you enjoy!