Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Introducing Major General Sir Woodward Houghton-Browne (with an E)

Introducing Major General Sir Woodward Houghton-Browne*, Steampunk's latest recruit.
Inspired by the gorgeous lines of Twisted Fate's jacket on my beloved, I made him a coat of his own.
The outer fabric is a metallic mix brown fabric from my stash (love it!) lined with the striped acetate I bought on Monday from The Fabric Warehouse. Worn with linen trousers, a waistcoat from his wardrobe, a cowboy fedora, boots and a stock whip, I think it has potential!
 Indiana Jones meets Beau Brummel?

 The back is cut into a long, pointed tail, somewhere between a frockcoat and tails.
 The back collar is from the original pattern Butterick B3648:
It's a strange pattern (leaving aside the bizarre green robe!) - the sleeve is only one piece which isn't very accurate, but the cut is good otherwise, and I didn't have to make that many changes to it - just changing the cut of the front, collar reveres and tail.
 Instead of bagging the lining in, I put the outer and lining wrong sides together and bound the raw edges with the same metallic knit as Twisted Fate. SO easy. Of course none of the construction is "tailorin' stuff," and given how lightweight this coat is, that's fine.
Close up of cuffs, and the interesting martingale-ish closure, which uses a ring an bar system in gunmetal. The big gold dome buttons on the collar were also in my stash.
I cut the bits of pattern I used in size Medium, but had to add 15cm - 15 CM!!! to the sleeves for my beloved's endless arms.

The Details:

Pattern, and outer fabric from stash, cost unknown, but would have been bought on sale!
Stripy lining: $12
Interfacing, thread, buttons and closure from stash. Binding fabric left over from previous project.
Time to make: about 5 hours.

*This name is taken from MrC's great-grandfather, Major General Sir Edward Woodward (yes, really! But no relation to the actor) and his grandmother, who was a Houghton-Brown (no E). I am Lady Mathilda H-B (w.a.E) ;-) Lady Mathilda hasn't any new things to wear, but there is enough of the metallic brown stuff to make me something nice too. Quai Hai!!


  1. This looks wonderful. Cannot wait to see you both all steam punked up together.

    1. It's a pity we won't match though, as I am not gonna be wearing that much blue, ever! hehe. But the brown velvet frock coat I cut out ages ago has a similar lining in a red colourway so we may end up 'complementing' one another.

  2. Very nice. Love the details, great job.

  3. Dear Mrs. C.,
    Pure fun! You two have the best times...

    Very best,


    1. Hehe, in reality, he went out to meet the others alone, after having to wait an hour for a tow truck to remove the vehicle parked across our driveway! While I stayed home and nursed my very sore mouth, and worked on the inventory lists for stock take. But it IS fun to see me fella preen himself!

  4. Oh my GAWD this is amazing!!! It suits him so well, I love love love the second photo!!!

    1. It sure does eh! I love being married to a self-effacing showpony, it's an endearing combo heheh

  5. Amazing fabric combination and that closure is perfect, love it...and the name and fun poses (so serious!) :)

  6. There's no other word for it than "dashing"!

  7. Gorgeous! And the costume is fabulous too :)

    Seriously, you've done a stellar job and Thespian Hubs rocks it so hard. That second photo? Rowr!

  8. Dear Mrs C,

    Like your other readers I'm delighted by the style and flair of your work.

    A little puzzled by the chronology of Sir Edward and his daughter in law whose maiden name was indeed Houghton-Brown. She married the General's son, Tony, who was himself born in 1900

    1. Hello Cousin of Husband! Husband tells me I have it wrong too - by a generation! What's a great- between friends though.
      David would love to hear from you - you can email him at dave dot cathro at xtra dot co dot nz