Friday, April 11, 2014

Random Friday Make - Organza Boa

Well! I missed last week, too busy rehearsing (or let's face it, writing the last of the lyrics and trying to remember them!) and also making a boa.
I REALLY wanted a long, thick boa and I really don't care for feathers, they shed! 30 years ago when I first started making showgirl costumes, I made boas out of tulle, and I decided to try that technique this time, only using organza.
I used two rolls of 47cm wide organza floral wrap - which is just like organza ribbon only REALLY wide, and each roll is 10m long. I used purple and red, and laid one on top of the other. Then, I zigzagged 3mm silver bungy elastic down the middle, stretching it like mad as I went.
A tassle on each end, and pulling the layers apart resulted in a very pretty, OTT boa for Constance.
And there it is! Big, long, fluffy and sparkly.kinds like me! ;-)