Friday, April 17, 2015

Massive Catch up

Every now and then I read some old posts and I notice how often I have said I'll share something then don't.
So, here are a few catch up things.


Last time I wrote, I was working on a 130 flag set for hire Since then, I've made two more sets! Three different "colour stories" so far, which I made with lots of  help from one of our customers.
Here are two of them:
 The original set, all warm tones and hues
The second one, all dove grey, pink, aqua and white.
The third one is tea/natural colours and red roses - my favourite! Besides anything else, they look super pretty on the wall :)

Stand Up Gig Video

The video came through last week, yay! I let it download overnight; it is not searchable but here is a link anyway:

What else? Hmm, I'll go hunting and if I find anything else, I'll post that.


  1. Fantastic.. thank you for sharing.

    The buntings are so pretty..

    1. Aren't they just! I got a bit tired of them during the making process, even with help, but now it's done I am thinking, what other colours??? hehe