Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Teeny, tiny peacock feathers

I'm making a peacock for Constance to wear in her hair. That means tiny feathers. The "hair peacock" is the cherry on top of an outfit I've been working on every possible moment since Sunday. With three days almost off in a row, I've put a lot of time into the corset and over jacket in the most exquisite sequinned net.
But I am not showing you that yet!! No no no!
What I want to show you is the teeny, tiny peacock feather I just made. It is about 4 inches (10cm) long.
The eye is cut from the sequinned fabric and the plumes are frayed organza.
 'Scuse bad night time photos.
I think I will add a second layer of plume in green. Isn't it a cutie?
While I was not sleeping last night, I went over and over how to make it and my plan worked almost exactly as I imagined.
That's kinda satisfying, although I'd have been better to sleep and trust I could sort it out as I go. But that's not how it works, yeah?
I had one white bird left at the shop that is kind of peacockish, and I've coated it in green glitter. It will be the base upon which I build this...this...well, let's find out shall we? It is for Constance so it will need to be visible from space. I reckon 25 of these little feather will do it.
More on Peacockalooza soon!


  1. Wow..beautiful..and I cant wait to see the upcoming garment your working on. Have fun.

    1. I am LOVING it! And another fabulous length of sequin fabric arrived today so the bses are loaded, better hurry up :)

  2. Oh, that is so pretty! I can't wait to see the outfit it'll go with, it sounds amazing!