Friday, March 25, 2016

Je Suis une Rockstar

More show photos!  I am actually making a real dress for me and have several other projects on the sideline but it may be a couple of weeks before there's anything to show you. So, in the meantime, sequins it is.
At the March Burlesque Baby show, I was emcee again (did the March show last year) and I decided to get down with the cool kids and be a bit of a pop diva.
I love this look - hot pink fall and strapless dress - but the song really wasn't me (Get the party started). This show is a bit like an open mike though and the place to try new things. So, good choice eh!
 This dress is RTW!!! I stuck rhinestones all over the bodice to give it some more glitz. I love it though - the same cut as the LBD. 
 A Dusty Springfield moment.

 The skirt is draped at the sides and comes in at the bottom. This shape does wonders for me.
 Also wearing the black sequin bolero, because I like the line.

 Also breaking out the long gloves for a bit of audience participation
 Peeling gloves like a big ham to the delight of the audience.

 In the second half, I wore the dress that won the internet. And different hair.
 The curtain call - me, Miss Phoenix Rising, Courtney l'Amour our producer, Visha Vulpe, Penny Scott our stage momma, Amber de Luze, Victor Victorious and Kapi.
All photos were by Paradox Photography


  1. That first dress is awesome on you. What fun!

    1. Much as I love to make a gorgeous dress, the chance to buy RTW that fits is so rare for me it's like the most exciting thing ever! I consider my size gift to my inner shopping child in this regard. People who are average sizes are spoiled for choice ;-)

  2. You look beautiful.. Know you had lots of fun and the audience enjoyed your wonderful talent.

  3. Wow you look spectacular! I bet you rocked that stage! XxxX

    1. Daw shucks! I am not a rock diva, more of a chanteuse, but I think I can work with that :)