Saturday, March 26, 2016

Pavlova Paradise

Happy Easter!! This evening we have family and friends coming for dinner - in New Zealand Easter dinner is traditionally roast lamb and a mighty leg of some poor wee fluff ball is roasting in the oven as I type, with sprigs of rosemary and slivers of garlic inserted into its flesh.
It is also an excuse to make a pavlova! Long term readers will know that I love making pavs. They are a teeny bit show offy, and very cheap to make so that's got to be a good combo.

 Here's an action shot of the Kenwood making light work of whipping up the pav mix.
 This is it just out of the oven. I must say it is one of my best - kept its height even after cooling.
 Here's the omega plums just out of the oven. Cut into eight slices each, sprinkled generously with coconut sugar and roasted. The delicious, thick jus I drained into some poached rhubarb to serve on the side.
And here it is! Cream on just over half of it, the plum slices now chilled, and blueberries. I love red and purple together as we all know, and in food as in life. ;-)
A smoked warehou pate for starters and we're all ready to go. Just waiting for the guests to arrive.
Happy Easter!


  1. Oh that looks so yummy. A Pavlova is something I have never made although I do love merengues as a treat when I can find them, usually in Spanish markets. Happy Easter, Maryanne.

    1. Ah Bunny, pavlova is one of those desserts where it can be amazing, or simply horrible - like lemon meringue pie. Commercial ones are IMO dreadful. Ones without careful seasoning are also just bland, sweet nothings. but not hard to make well! If you wish to try it I wil share my recipe :)

  2. Your Easter meal sounds wonderful.. Hope you and your friends, have a wonderful Easter..

  3. That looks SOOOO GOOD!!! It sounds like you had a wonderful Easter.
    Also, I would loove for you to wear that Skirt. Send me your address!

  4. Wow this looks sooooo good! One of my Mum's signature desserts is a pavlova. Do you cook it the night before and leave it in the oven overnight to rest? I've heard about people using oil as well.
    We've never used plums on it, it looks so yummy! She normally uses strawberries or raspberries and blueberries. I'm going to get her to use roasted plums when they're in season over here. Wish I could have hopped over and have grabbed some of that lovely meringue goodness! XxxX