Monday, June 20, 2016


A lone pic from the fund raiser. I love the sepia look, and the eyebrows make me look surprised. NOT as surprised as the fairly young crowd who had been politely tolerating the twee song, up until the part where the special sugar comes out and then they went wild! So silly!!!
P.S. a personal share, because I'm all about oversharing: this constantly being photographed has caused me to confront how much fat I have re-accumulated this year. I am mildly surprised but in a good way that this news is not alarming or causing me a sense of shame. Just a sense of, better sort that, cos letting out costumes is a tedious bore! xo


  1. how fun... and you look fantastic..
    I have gained a good bit of weight this year too..[hate taking photos .ha] have a great week.

    1. I feel far more enthused about sorting it because I am not beating myself up about it. A refreshing change!